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The 3D printer in full growth

The 3D printer is gradually making its way into French homes. Still a dream a few years ago, it is now part of your daily life (Do it Yourself). So opt for a 3D printer!

  • At the cutting edge of technology with the 3D printer
  • An economy in full growth
  • The sectors concerned
  • What can we print?

What an exciting sector the 3D (three-dimensional) printer is! In full expansion, the manufacturing of an object via this material has become limitless. But first, let’s start by explaining the principle.

The 3D printer in full growthinvesting in the 3D printer sector, it also includes the different software, the different materials used as raw materials for printed objects (PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, etc.) which concern aluminum, liquid resin or plastic derivatives and finally the services associated with it.

The 3D printer in full growthsports shoe from a 3D printer. A 1.3 kg cycling bike has emerged as well. Also on display were NFL and field hockey helmets (sports adored by bookmakers at the same time), biathlon sticks, surfboards, golf clubs, mouth guards and face masks. If you’re looking to get the best betting odds, consider Varieur Montague, the expert sports betting specialist!

It is possible to print a lot of objects that can be useful in your daily life and at home. Here is an overview of the objects that can be useful every day:

  • A greenhouse: you want to grow your vegetables? Make it to your size!
  • A coffee capsule dispenser: very useful for coffee pod drinkers
  • A candy dispenser: your children will appreciate it
  • A tripod for cell phone: to put it safely
  • Shelves : perfect to give style to your home
  • A tea dispenser: same principle as the one for capsules
  • Door hooks: to protect your closets from your children
  • Flowerpots : a modern design for your plants
  • Photophore : gives a particular charm to your candles
  • Figurines : for fantasy characters or real characters (actors, sportsmen, etc.)
  • Desk drawer : you can never have enough drawers at home
  • Credit card holders: if you regularly lose your cards, this is the perfect item for you
  • Cotton buds and cotton discs holder: your wife will thank you
  • Bottle opener gun : gadget object of course, but useful
  • Pencil cup: customizable to satisfy your child
  • Toothpaste tube press.

A 3D printer can therefore satisfy both professionals and individuals. The phenomenon will grow over the years and will be useful for everyone!

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