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Voting shortlists for the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards are now open. Who do you think should receive top honors this year? Have your say now. Interested in tuning in? The Youtube livestream page is also live, so viewers can now subscribe and set event reminders to ensure they don’t miss out. Swiss Youtuber and engineer Ken Pillonel (aka Kenny Pi) has harnessed […]

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It’s incredible how 3D printers have come a long way from as recently as five years ago. Back then, when you say 3D printer, people would think of a costly machine that would take too long to print something. And they wouldn’t be right.

But things have changed. You now have 3D printers that are speedy and can be within budget. But even when they’re affordable, there are no apparent tradeoffs. You still get a quality machine that can deliver eye-catching prints in high resolution.

The Elegoo Saturn is one of these devices. Using masked stereolithography technology, the Elegoo Saturn can deliver speedy print times with decent resolutions. It’s also a printer that offers a big build volume at a price that you would love.

What are the features of the Elegoo Saturn that you should know? And should you buy it? Read on and discover more about this 3D printer.

Monochrome LCD

Elegoo Saturn Review: Is This the Best 3D Printer For You? appeared first on Total 3D Printing.

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The 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards shortlists are open for voting, have your say now. Make sure to tune in to the live stream of the event on our YouTube channel. A group of researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Drexel University, Navajo Technical University, and SigmaLabs have developed a new process for detecting flaws in laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) 3D printed […]

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3D printers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some companies have gigantic 3D printers that they use to print parts for vehicles, buildings, and much more. Most people, however, only have modestly sized 3D printers that they can use for DIY projects and general fun.

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Time is too fast. You have just 3D printed some awesome Halloween costumes and decor and Thanksgiving 3D printing models, when you see winter holidays around the corner. You can 3D print Christmas ornaments, gifts, cards, nativity scenes, figurines and find many other fantastic ideas and decor trends 2021 to recreate. Such DIY projects bring […]

The post Top 16 3D Printed Christmas Ornaments, Gifts, Decorations to Make in 2021 appeared first on Gambody, 3D Printing Blog.

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There’s no denying that packaging sells the product. For this reason, even the simplest product concept now requires a packaging prototype to allow investors and stakeholders to see what form it might take before launching it in the market. Without a tangible prototype, it can be pretty difficult to evaluate and assess how a packaging…

The post 3 Compelling Reasons to Use 3D Print Packaging Prototypes appeared first on 3D Quick Printing.

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The 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards shortlists are now open for voting until the 20th of October. Cast your votes here. Researchers from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, have developed a novel machine learning-based approach to classifying groups of materials together based on structural similarities. In what the team believes to be the first study of its kind, an artificial neural network […]

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