3D printers: the trends that will make 2022

The year 2021 was a year full of innovation for the 3D printing industry, and the market is seeing notable developments, both in mass production and in consumer 3D printing. It’s true that the health crisis has brought new challenges to which the industry has responded by making better and faster machines. Here’s a look at the trends that await 3D printing in the year 2022.

3D printers: the trends that will make 2022top roulette methods.

Indeed, sometimes it’s easier to make a part yourself than to order it. Production-ready 3D printers come into play when time is of the essence. To that end, researchers have refined the models to make them faster and more efficient.

The fact is that 3D printers are no longer a niche good and are becoming more and more entrenched in consumer life. The creative freedom and market for 3D models is still thriving, as they allow for the creation of useful objects for everyday life at a lower cost: flower pots, pencil pots, light fixtures and other objects.

In fact, the applications of this technology are so vast that we can’t list them all. The price of a 3D printer for domestic use varies between 700 and 8000 euros. However, you can find more affordable kit models (€ 299). Models are becoming more and more efficient and 3D printer sales have increased by 12% in France.

The problem with 3D printing is the polymers used to make the models. At first, they were not biodegradable and could not be recycled. Today, there is constant research to find environmentally friendly alternatives. These include wood filaments or even structures made from materials such as plastic bottles.

Special attention is given to the manufacturing process which requires a lot of energy. In 2022, the 3D printing industry is trying to find greener solutions for both industrial and home use.

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