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Gambling is an age-old pastime. Its roots date back to ancient times, but it is safe to assume that humans’ conceptualized this activity before the eras from which physical evidence suggests it got birthed. Today, it is a popular hobby enjoyed at land-based establishments and online. In both types of venues, land-based and digital, gamblers can enjoy [different casino games](https://www.onlineunitedstatescasinos.com/games/) that offer varied odds and side-bet options. Naturally, as everyone likely knows, slots dominate gaming floors due to their simplicity and attractive prize potential. However, serious gamblers gravitate towards table games, as these offer far lower house edges than electronic machines. Plus, decision-making affects game outcomes in such gambling games, something unavailable via slot gameplay.

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The development of consumer-grade resin 3D printers has prompted hobbyists and professionals alike to explore the world of creative 3D printing. While 3D printing continues to expand across wide applications, users are no longer satisfied with single color printing. However, the price of multi-color FDM 3D printers is prohibitively expensive. After further research by the HITRY team on the Rocket 1 3D printer and the DCLF technology it uses, Rocket 1 can now realize multicolor printing on a resin 3D printer at an affordable price! With Rocket 1, more inspiration and creativity can be unleashed.

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The year 2021 was a year full of innovation for the 3D printing industry, and the market is seeing notable developments, both in mass production and in consumer 3D printing. It’s true that the health crisis has brought new challenges to which the industry has responded by making better and faster machines. Here’s a look at the trends that await 3D printing in the year 2022.

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