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How Businesses are Harnessing 3D Printing for their Products

3D printing is a polyvalent asset and is considered more and more by businesses, to the point that some companies are created around the technology. It can save them a lot of time and reduce production costs. Some people also have them at home, so selling printers and the required materials to run them is also expanding.

Business owners and entrepreneurs ask questions – be it ‘how to protect my business online’ or ‘how can I automate HR processes?’ It is all done with the intention of improving what it is they are doing. The usage of 3D printing is as varied as businesses are using them. It is one of the key developments in manufacturing and has allowed many new businesses to access and improve certain markets. From prosthetics to art, human imagination is the limit. As technology develops, we find new ways to use it like prosthetics.

How Businesses are Harnessing 3D Printing for their Products How Businesses are Harnessing 3D Printing for their ProductsPLA (Polylactic Acid) is a biodegradable material.

Individually Tailored Products

One of the appeals of 3D printing is the possibility of creating products that will fit the user. Netlooks, for example, is an eyewear company, which creates its products by using 3D scanning to fit the eyewear perfectly on their customers’ heads. This approach also means each product is unique, which creates an added value for the customer. The product they receive is made for them and only them—this way of producing presents a solution to reduce waste, even though this practice is still developing.

Cost Savings

One of the most important aspects of a business is efficiency. In this regard, cutting costs is crucial, so companies like Volkswagen Autoeuropa started to use 3D printing to create tools. In 2017, they saved an estimated 250 000€ by printing the tools they needed. This solution provided them biodegradable tools and reduced the impact of their industry on the environment.

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