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The importance of 3D Printing in the ‘New’ Normal

The effects of covid-19 have been unbelievable to say the least. Nobody expected for a virus to show up and turn our world upside down. Especially in this day and age.

In fact, never in recorded history has there ever been any “virus” that has affected us all on such a global level. Usually these outbreaks are limited to a certain area but not this time.

Economies have shut down, millions of people have lost their lives, and it seems like things are only getting worse. However, even during such unique times, there have been a lot of positive and amazing news throughout the globe. One of them is 3D printing technology.

Thanks to this wonderful technology that can mass produce quality products in minutes, medical supplies (An essential part of today’s world), have reached many areas of the globe. Helping thousands of people in the process to beat the virus, and go back to living healthy normal lives.

Let’s have a look at how 3D printed health supplies are changing the future of the medical industry.

3D printingCovid related inflation.

Since personal safety became a big thing, everything including how our homes and offices were designed came under a microscope. We literally rethought whatever you needed to to make sure we can go about our daily lives while being safe and protected from this virus.

Once again, 3D printing came in very handy in making disposable equipment such as door handles, emergency dwellings and more. This technology almost single handedly created thousands of temporary vaccine spots worldwide. Which led to to speeding up the process of going back to the ‘new’ norm. The time that we are in right now.

To meet the demands of this new world, immediate training was also absolutely necessary.

Thanks to 3D printing, new training devices like mannequins and more were immediately created on demand. Helping the new line of global front line workers learn fast.

This helped immensely to transition from a more ‘worried’ society, to where we are today.

By helping thousands of workers get real professional training, 3D printing is a technology that is leading the way during this very interesting period of history.

Today, 3D printers are being shipped on a daily basis and are now found worldwide. They have played a key role in creating some kind of a control medical supplies and looks like the sky is the limit.

We’re not sure how long this virus would last, or will it ever go away, however, one thing is for sure, 3D printing technology is definitely here to stay, and here to help us, if we only let it.

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