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Elegoo unveil their first-ever large-scale 6K 3D printer

Leading provider of 3D printing technology, programming, and accessories, Elegoo, is excited to unveil Jupiter, its first-ever large-scale 6K 3D printer. The innovative solution will offer a large printer size of 12.8” and has been specifically designed to be an affordable, high-quality solution. The all-new Jupiter will be launched on Kickstarter this September, with a limited more-than-half-price discount of under $850.

In recent years, 3D printing has taken the world by storm and has helped to change countless industries. From medicine and construction to education and prototyping, these powerful machines are helping to boost productivity, reduce costs, and transform lives.

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Speaking ahead of the launch of the launch of the Jupiter 3D printer on Kickstarter, Chris Hong, the ceo of Elegoo, said,

We are very excited to be unveiling the all-new Jupiter 3D printer. Since our launch, we have always strived to deliver the very best 3D printers, programming, and accessories at the most affordable prices.This new addition further cements our commitment to providing the highest quality 3D printers, and the Jupiter is our largest solution yet. Offering high volume printing, the device is the perfect solution for those looking for large 3D printing, no matter the industry or experience level.

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