Whitelabel 3D Printing Service

Production 3D Printing Allows for thousands of parts to be made very quickly. At Slant 3D we operate some of the largest 3D Printing farms in the world. This allows us to provide other companies with large scale 3D printing. Freeing them to focus on design, marketing, or customer relations without the cost of building 3D Printing factories themselves. We believe that 3D Printing is much like computer server farms. They are always present and important, but also invisible (You probably didn’t know that Netflix actually uses Amazon Servers).

With our white-label 3D Printing service we often work with online marketplaces, stores and other 3D Print services. These companies get the benefit of large scale production at very low cost while still maintaining control of their brand and customer relationships.

Slant 3D Printer Farms filled with hundreds of machines allow for thousands of parts to be manufactured and fulfilled daily.

More Capacity for 3D Printing Services

With partners like MakeXYZ we serve as an overflow and production partner. While MakeXYZ services many orders in house that come through their prototype service, they don’t always have the capacity to meet large unit demands and tighter deadlines.

In this situation Slant 3D would be able to take on production of certain components and ship them directly to the client under the MakeXYZ brand. This gives MakeXYZ the ability to provide large scale production reliably to their clients but focus on other prioroties within the company. Slant 3D serves as backup infrastructure.

This same solution works well for marketplaces during seasonal rushes. At Christmas many online stores that sell 3D Printed objects can be overwhelmed by the demand. Again Slant 3D is able to provide overflow production for those companies over a short period of time to ensure they can fulfill all orders in a timely matter. This is very common for Etsy and Ebay Stores or other similar small businesses. 

In all of these situations Slant 3D would be invisilbe. All packaging and Branding would be that of the marketplace or store that we are servicing. The end customer would never be aware of the difference.

Other #D Printing Services can use Slant 3D to provide overflow production when needed.

Never Need Inhouse 3D Printers.

This is also very common for the online marketplaces. Many designers and product creators want to focus on design. Operating 3D Printers can can quickly become a drudgery, as well as a large expense.

Slant 3D is able to serve as the manufacturing backend through our whitelabel 3D Printing service. Producing parts on demand, placing them in custom packaging, and fulfilling orders. Customers only see the branding and identity of the marketplace. They will never know that the parts came from a Slant 3D facility. 

This solution has been utilized by stores like Bakerstreet Cutters, which makes custom cookie cutters. Slant 3D stores custom packaging merchant and when orders come in they are fulfilled.

This is ideal for these stores. They are able to focus on new products while all production and fulfillment is kept out of sight and out of mind.

Online Store can use us to printing and fulfillment so the business can focus on customers and new products.

How to Do It

Plan for Preparation
It is important to note that preparation is key to a good white-label solution. If you are in a hurry there is a danger that parts will not be made identical to those made in-house. Slant 3D will need colors, print profiles, and accurate quality specs to ensure that we producing parts that match your brand and business.

If you want to explore using Slant 3D as a white label 3D Printing service then reach out to us through our quoting form. Include common objects on your store and include your expected volumes. An account engineer will then get in contact with you and we will work with you to tailor pricing and integration to your business.

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