Links and Resources

Here are some useful links and resources you can use for Inspiration and get those creative juices flowing!

3D Modelling Software

  • Google Sketchup: A general 3D modelling program by Google that is easy to learn with lots of powerful plugins.

  • 123D Design: Another easy to use 3D modelling program. Unlike Google Sketchup however, this program is more tailored to creating 3D models specifically for 3D printing.

  • TinkerCAD: A free, easy to learn, online design tool that can be used to create 3D Printable models

  • OpenSCAD: A 3D modelling package for designers with a programming background.

  • FreeCAD: An advanced CAD modelling package that is both very powerful and relatively easy to use compared with most other CAD packages.

Downloadable 3D Models

  • Thingiverse: A very popular website offering a massive collection of downloadable 3D models and designs

  • YouImagine: Offers a good selection of free and downloadable 3D models specifically tailored to 3D printing

  • GrabCAD: Offers engineering related CAD models

  • Yeggi: A Search Engine for 3D printable models

  • Yobi3D: Another great search engine for 3D Models with some interesting features