Industry Applications

3D Printing is a rapidly evolving technology that is challenging the status quo in Manufacturing. Here are some of the Industries making the most use of 3D Printing today that we can cater for


Beautiful and Durable models for showcasing innovative designs.

Commercial Products

Test the market with small scale production without breaking the bank.


Replace pictures and diagrams with durable models for better Hands-on learning and custom research tools.


Iterative designs, robust parts and precision prototyping.


Bring fantasy worlds to life with custom movie/stage props.

Household Products

From custom coat hangers to cookie cutters; Repair broken household items at a fraction of the cost.

Jewelry Design

Showcase your designs at a fraction of the cost before commiting to expensive mass manufacturing.


Prosthetics, joint supports, prototypes and custom devices.


Action figures, board games, 3D puzzles… The only limit is your imagination.