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Who we are

Stampar3D was founded in May 2014 and became a registered company in September 2014 (RC1215872). It aims to bring the emerging and exciting world of 3D Printing to the Nigerian market, targeting businesses, organisations, schools and individuals.

At Stampar3D, we are very passionate about Education and Creativity. From the curious minds of young pre-school children to the experienced mind of a veteran interior designer, Stampar3D aims to help them achieve their goals using 3D Printing.

The Team

Stampar3D Limited is owned and operated by Akinwole Akinpelu. A product of Kings' College Lagos; Akinwole received a Bachelour's degree in Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London and then a Master's degree in Advanced Engineering Materials at University of Liverpool.

With a strong background in Manufacturing and over 7 years experience in Industry, Akinwole knows how 3D Printing can fit into your workflows

The Stampar3D team consists of Engineers, Artists, Designers and Mould-Makers, therefore we have the expertise to take your product ideas from a napkin sketch, to a robust physical product, all the way to mass market production!


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