3D Printing Explained

So what exactly is 3D Printing and how can it benefit my business?


First off, let me clarify what 3D Printing is NOT:

  • 3D Printing has nothing to do with paper printing
  • 3D Printing is not the same as holographic printing
  • 3D Printing has nothing to do with large format printing (bill board posters)
  • 3D Printing is not the printing of text and images on objects (Mugs, Pens, T-Shirts etc)
3D Printing Explained

3D Printing otherwise known as Direct Digital Manufacturing; or Additive Manufacturing is a process in which a real physical object is created from a computer 3D model. 


This whole process can be broken down into a series of steps:

  • The first step is having the idea of what you will like to create and what it looks like
  • Once you have the idea, you will need a 3D model. You can do this by designing the model yourself using any of the various 3D software packages available on the internet, or you can browse through the thousands of models available for free online. Visit the Links page for some options!
  • Once you have your 3D model, you then pass it through a 3D Printing software which will "slice" the model into multiple layers with each layer being approximately the thickness of a sheet of paper (100 - 300 microns)
  • This sliced computer model is then built by the 3D Printer, one layer at a time until the object is fully formed. 
3D Printing Process

There are different types of 3D Printers available in the world today but all of them follow these basic steps in creating objects from computer 3D models one layer at a time.

This video by Stratasys - a 3D Printer manufacturer - explains the 3D Printing process quite well


Here's a video this time by fellow 3D Printing enthusiast and design genius - Don Foley, in which he designs and prints a dolphin from scratch



And finally, here's a video showing a small range of sample parts you can make with a 3D printer


3D Printing is a very versatile technology that can feed into any industry. Visit the Industries section of this website to see how various industries are now making use of 3D Printing. To see some examples of our previous work / samples, visit the Gallery or our Instagram page. For additional questions you may have, visit the FAQ section as we've most likely provided an answer. Otherwise, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page