welcome to the future

So we decided to start a blog yay!!!*hands in the air*😁… to give you 3D printing from Stampar3D 😁


    Various 3D printed objects

I, Dexter would be your guide through this journey hope u enjoy it 😁. I am a block head that is truly fascinated about design and the possibilities of 3D printing, manufacturing and  generally being able to create stuff.

The fact remains that 3D printing is relatively new to Nigeria …which is caused by an inherent lack of interest, cost  fears 😭😭😭,economic problems (abi is gonna be permanent??) and just the supposed complexity in 3Dprinting


          Sometimes it can all go wrong

In truth though, the urge to create, design and our appreciation of art and the finer things of life should (in the nearest future) open up our eyes to the wonders of 3D printing …these days 3Dprinting is used for things ranging from the cheapest jewellery to the most expensive aircraft parts 😱 telling you the versatility of 3D printing otherwise known as Additive Manufacturing..

It is used in education, art, medicine, fashion, engineering, architecture, scale models, home decorations, gadget creation, kid’s toys, puzzles/games, jewellery, and business in general…and you can go on and on its applications or “planned applications”


Yes you can 3D print food…not sure about this yet though

Older methods of manufacturing for different materials … magic, casting, forging, various machining methods, injection molding, sculpting are all guilty of a lot of flaws prompting different variations to arise to improve design flexibility, reduce production time ,production flaws and reduce material wastage …as science and technology advances 3D printing is set to provide an avenue to reduce all this disadvantages (yes, production time is still a bit long but the tradeoff for reduction in production flaws, directness and cost reduction would be acceptable to any economist) and with more materials becoming 3D printable ‘the sky is the limit’ in what you can do with 3D printing.


  No more casting Engine blocks not that this replaces the original yet

Everybody in the end has a fine eye for detail, preferences based on our perception of what we feel is beautiful #Bugatti #Lamborghini #McLaren (yes am a petrol head 😁) …the true geniuses inventors  are  those with these gifts who can convince others that this thing is beautiful (beauty) in all respects and there is every reflection around us from Alfa Romeo’s to Pagani Zonda’s ,to the Burj khalifa to the pyramids to the Sixteenth chapel to the Marina bay sands resort Singapore (you should check this out) to your Iphone’s 😁 and S7’s to your Nike Air’s and your Yeezy’s *winks* 😁  the list goes on and on. The coming to life of each and every one of these designs, is the joy u can receive all be it lesser and short lived, is what you can receive from 3D printing, the joy of seeing your designs come to life in stunning detail 😁😁😁…


   ‘Mission impossible’ would be proud

So basically you create a 3D model with the countless number of computer software available and then you come to  the 3D printer and print hopefully with this blog we would be able to teach take you through 3D model  creation and of course 3D printing and 3D printers… all very interesting, captivating stuff which should give u a B.Sc. get you printing and designing pending your interest level and as always you can track us down when and if all this blog stuff have tire you and you’re the  ‘seeing is believing’  kind of person .The good thing is you don’t necessarily have to design it yourself, you can give it to us for a small token but I would say the whole design process gives you a better understanding of your model stress and strain analysis and it definitely improves your creative abilities (yes some people are already too much without it) better still you can just bring it over to us at Stampar3D we are professionals 😊 and are here to help achieve your dream, A more expensive solution is 3D scanning  with limited scanners in Nigeria its sure to cost you a fortune 😱😱😭😭


   Who let the cat outta the bag??

I know you must be thinking …..’ Where does this one now want me to get a 3D printer from just like that?? ’. You don’t need to go out and buy a 3D printer just yet, at Stampar 3D we have printers to handle all your models think of it as your model creation ‘business center’ (in Nigerian terms) . Do not hesitate to contact us because owning and maintaining a 3D printer is a handful and (results in a lot of liability) it requires a lot of knowhow but bottom line is that it is very expensive.


You can end up with messes like this

So let’s recap… what does Design mean to you?… What does 3D printing mean to you?…what do you want to achieve with 3D printing???… Such is the world we live in now that all of it is possible …yes it can be done no matter how 😝😁😉😎twisted your design is (model wise 😝) it can be achieved.

Signing out, till next time get yourself some 3D printed chocolate 😝😁😉😎