3D Printing Industry Applications

3D Printing Industry Applications

3D Printing allows designers, architects, engineers and entrepreneurs to rapidly test ideas in days instead of months.

Perform multiple design variations and test multiple ideas on durable and robust parts and at a fraction of what it costs using traditional manufacturing

3D Printing - Who? What?? Why???

3D Printing, otherwise known as Additive Manufacturing, is still alien to most people especially in Nigeria. Stampar3D aims to educate the general public and industries on the benefits and unlimited potential of this great manufacturing technique.

3D Printing is an additive manufaturing process that allows you to take any computer 3D model and turn it into a physical object.

What is 3D Printing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about 3D Printing, Pricing, File formats, Materials... You'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Everyone's a Maker

Whether you just want to personalize a unique gift for a friend or you are a seasoned 3D Designer working for a top Engineering firm, there are various online tools and resources you can tap into to create exactly what you want.

We have put together the best online resources of design software you can use to create your own 3D model, or download ready made 3D models that are ready to print

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About Stampar3D

About Us

Stampar3D was founded in May 2014 and became a registered company in September 2014. It aims to bring the emerging and exciting world of 3D Printing to the Nigerian market, targeting businesses, organisations, schools and individuals.

The Stampar3D team consists of Engineers, Artists, Designers and Mould-Makers, therefore we have the expertise to take your product ideas from a napkin sketch, to a robust physical product, all the way to mass market production!